BOYS DO CERAMICS is a Ceramic Studio based in Tel Aviv. The boys are designers, producers, salesmen, teachers and exhibit ceramic art and objects. Their artistic language connects advertising and branding with the world of ceramics and sculptures to create a contemporary, unique aesthetic.

"COVERED IN TERRACOTTA” shooting excerpt _ Photographed by David Havrony

A selection of artworks by BOYS DO CERAMICS


The offered workshops at their studio give design-refined guests a chance to explore the way ceramics and avant-garde culture intersect with each other. By learning the different fundamental techniques and work processes of pottery, visitors can create their own ceramic pieces. More information on the seminars here.


 Moments and impressions from BOYS DO CERAMICS workshops


After being established during the first lockdown in 2020, the collective presented artworks in their first solo exhibition: “From strengths to wealth” just one year later. Aside from creating ceramics, the collective also throws one of a kind parties, such as the BOYS DO CERAMICS GALA that took place in January 2022.


STOLEN CARS x BOYS DO CERAMICS Gala Party _ Photographed by David Havrony


This young studio considers itself as an artistic and multidisciplinary melting point, which mirrors the creative pulse of their vibrant city.


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“DOUBLE DAVID” shooting excerpt _ Photographer David Havrony