››› casbia is an italian avant–garde footwear brand combining heritage and elegance with attention to details, materials and construction techniques ››› Focusing on design rather than trends, casbia is the synthesis of a new sensibility in style and a deeper consciousness of the footwear tradition ››› everything — from the performance outsole to the upper, is developed in–house starting from scratch to achieve a sculptural, practical and unconventional end product designed for longevity ××× A CASBIA shoe is a dialog between contemporary culture and old world tradition, +++ a creative tension resulting in a unique vision that takes ››› A side step from the ordinary ‹‹‹


The brand’s concept store is a unique space in Florence, a location halfway from a retail area and an art installation.
CASBIA’s non-conformist nature has always been a distinctive feature of the footwear brand.
Since its foundation in 2009, the brand’s enduring desire to create singular, innovative, and unconventional products has driven its production, leading to a distinctive and ageless body of work, and to special collaborations like the one with Champion. This pursuit of innovation now organically translates into CASBIA’s store within Manifattura Tabacchi’s in Florence.
The store aims to create a hybrid space by merging aesthetic with the classical store set-up, offering customers an engaging and made-to-measure experience and access to the complete CASBIA’s catalogue, plus exclusive styles available for store clients.