“I care about showing the ephemeral moments in life in a non-literal way,” says Lia Kimura about her artistic work. Lia Kimura is a Japan-born painter and fashion designer based in Warsaw, Poland. Her work is mostly connected with her search for identity and intensive feelings: the experience of death, alienation, and hope. Her paintings represent both the traditional form of expression and the experimental approach, in which the figurative body together with the abstract matter became the key themes of creative considerations. In 2016, Kimura started her career as a professional artist. Her paintings belong to private collections and appear regularly at the auctions in Polish auction houses. 

LIA KIMURA - "Self Trap"
 "SELF TRAP" oil on canvas, 2021

“I am a very sensitive and attentive observer of everyday reality. I transfer my observations into the canvas and treat each of them as a thread of stories about a man, extreme feelings and passing away. I paint complicated emotions, everyday worries, internal fears, and hidden desires.”  - LIA KIMURA 

LIA KIMURA - "Visible/Invisible"
 "VISIBLE / INVISIBLE" oil on canvas, 2021

Within the last few years her works have been met with recognition from the artistic community of Poland and of Europe. In 2022 Lia Kimura will be presenting her work at the Osaka Kansai International Art Festival in Japan. Choosing Japan for her first international exhibition is no coincidence: her birthplace is not just a part of her personal identity, but it also is a big influence for her artistic work.

LIA KIMURA - "Attention"
 "ATTENTION" oil on canvas, 2021

LIA KIMURA - "Am I Awake?"
"AM I AWAKE?" oil on canvas, 2021

Speaking about her oeuvre, Kimura says:” I create anonymous faces and do not identify them with real people. A common motif that appears on my canvases is the human body. I usually combine them with dead and dark background matter.” Kimura considers herself as a person with melancholic nature, reflecting on philosophical issues such as the nature of men or the basis of one’s existence. An important role is played by the moment of exposure, when the face is about to be revealed it appears as incomplete.

“I am constantly looking for an intermediate state between figurative art and abstraction” - LIA KIMURA 

LAI KIMURA - "Forgotten"
"FORGOTTEN" oil on canvas, 2021 

"TOUCH OF MEMORY" oil on canvas, 2021


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LIA KIMURA _ "Soul Eraser" (Oil on stretched Canvas)

   "SOUL ERASER" oil on stretched canvas, 2021