BRAJAK VITBERG is a young and new multidisciplinary art and design studio founded by two architects, Petra Brajak and Robert V. Bijelic, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The studio preeminently creates locally produced, handcrafted high-end luxurious and flamboyant interior design. Their projects share a distinctive visual language and the conceptual search of eternity through architecture, design, art, fashion, people and the inspiration of the moment. It is not surprising that the duo is strongly inspired from antiquity that has laid grounds for classical beauty.

COFFEE TABLE #2  - DIchroic Glass


 MIAMI TABLE LAMPS - Plexiglas + Dichroic Film 
(From MIAMI COLLECTION inspired by the sun and colors of MIAMI)

The unique approach to create an atmosphere by considering artistic disciplines as a holistic construct is shared by both creative minds of the BRAJAK VITBERG. The fact that Patra and Robert share the same aesthetic values and a similar artistic background allows both to express their own ideas and visions, such as the other`s. Winning the 2019 lightning design award, the studio constantly attains prestige in the Slovenian market and beyond.


ATHENS TABLE LAMP - Carrara Marble + Polishes Stainless Steel

METAL FLOATING LAMP - Plexiglas + Stainless Steel (Matte / Polished)

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