By looking to objects born of necessity – paratrooper boots, military uniforms, the idea of a standing army itself – the collection brings a whole new creative perspective to Italian-made luxury sneakers. —“Necessity may be the mother of invention, but the root of invention is creativity” —The result is a feeling of disciplined rebellion – the same inspiration powering the biomorphic architecture behind a CASBIA shoe. The images tease a wide range of styles, from reimagined favorites to brand new silhouettes like the FENOMENO, a twisting, avant-garde trail runner with translucent soles. The campaign invites us to a dystopian boot camp: impersonal and inorganic; purposeful and precise; a factory for the forging of ordinary into more. Faceless men walk in lock-step through an environment as polished as their abilities. On each marcher’s feet, tools as specialized as they are.