CLIM STUDIO is an international animation and mix media studio based in Barcelona, Spain.


A Kinetic Poem by Clim Studio


The studio is a worldwide freelance network brought together by Clim, who is an international award-winning creative director, designer and producer. For the past 15 years, Clim has been exploring various visual languages, where he handpicks the perfect dream team for each individual project.


“5 A DAY”
Artgrid Series by Clim Studio


Using a design-centered approach and keeping the idea and simplicity as their center focus CLIM STUDIO creates work that is conceptual, vibrant and sometimes funky.  By carefully analyzing each of the projects and their final goals CLIM STUDIO helps brands find their voice and create a unique aesthetic response that speaks to their clients’ audience.


Artgrid Art Loops by Clim Studio


Clim Studio is also doing online workshops in order to guide people through the creative process of creation and to give a behind the scenes of how some work in the industry gets made.


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“Ideas should be your top priority. Always. Relying on a solid concept makes directional decisions easier and stronger. Once you’ve found that concept, explore it, explode it. You’ll be amazed to see how wonderfully things line up.” CLIM STUDIO