PLYZITRON is a Berlin based multimedia and audiovisual artist from Thailand.




She creates motion graphics with a strong focus on generative design and audiovisual art. As early as 2006 she began exploring visual principles and digital possibilities. After graduation in 2013 she progressed to computer generated imagery, adding vjing, audiovisual, generative art and installations to her repertoire since then.






Plyzitron is deeply influenced by Eastern philosophy that permeates her art which creates visual pieces that experiment with form, color, space, and rhythm. She also believes that sound is as important as the visual presence when creating an immersive experience for her audience: it can take her audience on a journey full of creative ideas and a broad spectrum of emotions.






Her work got featured all over the world, including Neo Shibuya TV on 30 seconds museum - Tokyo, Creative Code Festival- New York, In Absentia” Digital pavilion at The Wrong Biennale - Foggia, Italy for example.




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