Nadia Moro is a fashion photographer with a great talent for portraits. Born in Bassano del Grappa, but has long since moved to Milan, she has worked for prestigious magazines such as Vogue, Maxim, L’Officiel and many others. Nadia on how she got into photography: “It all started for fun. I began several years ago taking photos at hardcore punk concerts. At the time I was still studying and, after graduation, I started my first "normal" job and, in the meantime photography continued to be my fun to develop in my spare time. At a certain point I decided to take everything apart: I enrolled at the University of Trento, I followed some IED courses and I started to assist various photographers. I moved to Milan and that’s where photography became my job. To date, photography is still fun for me. Sometimes it's a riska , but I believe it’s worth.”