MESPLÉ is an interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles, California.


Blending bronze sculpture with real-time processing and ultrasonic sensors, reflective black ferrofluid begins to drown the emerging skull as the viewer nears. The artist custom built the electromagnet and mapped its force to direct the fluid to rise only in specific areas.


Mesplé has been blacksmithing since the age of 11 and began working in a foundry at 14 fabricating public sculpture. He earned his Bachelor of Fine Art in Sculpture from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. In 2011 he achieved a Master of Science in Arts, Computer Science and Engineering from the University of California, Irvine.


Definitively portraying the popular symbol for the beloved city, Mesplé captures the absolute culture of Los Angeles in this limited edition sculpture produced in a new finish each year including ferric silver nitrate, black chrome and gold.


His art, combined with computer science, is influenced by a desire to explore and heighten viewer relationships. Through interactive play and engagement, Mesplé is able to maximize experiences and stimulate new curiosities. By conceiving original methodologies the artist has paved an elusive and inviting path to communicate with and through his work.



Killing Time combines Mesplé's iconic use of ferrofluid and signature metalwork for an entirely new viewer experience. As a viewer approaches, a sensor detects their presence and triggers the handmade electromagnet to begin a curated sequence; drawing and releasing the ferrofluid with breath-like motions.


Ferreflection Pool combines real-time video interpolation, microprocessors and 320 electromagnets to create reflective silhouettes of a viewer's moving body. The fluid is magnetically responsive and puckers into a spike when triggered.


As a tireless innovator, Mesplé has been sought out for projects in the fields of fine art, technology, energy, medical, transportation and entertainment. He has worked for clients including Intel, Hyperloop, Google, Red Bull, Cedar Fair, MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, Denver International Airport, Smithsonian Museum, The White House, the U.S. Military and more.



Hundreds of hours went into the creation of this life-size skeleton made of bronze and steel. The work dives deep into the conundrums of human culture. Titled in Latin after the first word ever recorded to mean pathological liar, 'Pseudologia Fantastica' offers a flash of the truth and insight to a darker mind.



Molded directly from its leather form, this hollow bronze jacket is nickel plated and studded with hand-sculpted glass to capture the iconic culture and attitude of punk rock


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