MELISSA RODRIGUEZ is a creative coder and digital artist based in New York.




"My interests lie at the intersection of engineering/science and art/design and it’s what brought me to the creative coding world in the first place. The first sketch I ever wrote was in 2018. It was a triangle. I on and off dabbled with it for a year or two. When 2020 rolled around I found myself creating and sharing a sketch every day for nearly a year. That consistency grew my skillset exponentially to what it is now!" MELISSA RODRIGUEZ




Her artistic work covers digital motion and still-life compositions which do not even require colors in order to fascinate her audience. She rather focuses on visual and 3D techniques which symbolize infinity and abstract visual effects. Her artistic language is minimalistic and graphic.




"I try to incorporate the shapes, patterns, and movements found in nature within my work. At its core though, a lot of what I share is me experimenting with ideas or what I come across as I try to learn new things. Sharing my work is a time capsule of my interests and progress as my skills evolve! After all, completing something is just a series of choices made little by little and I enjoy sharing that process. " MELISSA RODRIGUEZ




Melissa also shares her enthusiasm and creative coding knowledge in tutorials with her community.




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