Berlin-based German photographer Joseph Kadow always tries to capture a deep and honest view of the different cultures in which he immerses himself. His work takes him around the world, observing social changes outside of his own environment. Exploring the world through intimate encounters, Kadow’s seemingly casual, sometimes snapshot-like observations of his surroundings often riff on the mundane: a street view, a landscape, a detail of a hand, portraits of friends or of city plants. His images reveal the fragility of nature at the intersection of technology. “I do not have a specific method of working, nor do I deal with specific themes. There's no certain structure in my work because in my opinion the environment is too complex. What interests me is how world and society function within their-self. Where do nature, human and technology meet and where do they seem to connect? My images, like our daily surroundings, underlie an ongoing process. I do not want to provide the beholder with an self-explanatory image. It is important for me to show my personal view of the world in my work - the world as I see and experience it - to present a strong openness for certain aspects. The first glimpse does often not suffice to perceive the detail.”