JESSE WOOLSTON is a media artist and composer based in Auckland, New Zealand.




His transmedia approach to visual and auditory arts is supported by science, machine, and the aesthetics of nature. From composing musical works for the United Nations refugee efforts, to artistically aiding the Carl Sagan Institute at Cornell University in articulating their discoveries to the greater science community, Jesse’s unique perspective on science communication with emotional considerations allow him to create unique, rigorous, disruptive, and mesmerising art experiences.




Jesse Woolston combines technology with creativity to create original pieces and work reinterpretations of iconic artists. The result that Jesse Woolston reveals is a creation of a completely new artistic expression, constantly changing through machine learning and artificial intelligence, with the ability to create all kinds of new emotions in us.





The art work from Jesse Woolston is shown in installations at international exhibitions and events, like Art Basel Miami Beach or at Shanghai Pudong International Airport among others. Additionally Jesse Woolston is also present on the NFT market.


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