Born June 19, 1971 in Ponte dell'Olio near Piacenza (Italy), Fabrizio Schiavi is a multi-disciplinary designer who designs typefaces, web sites, brands... in short, everything useful to communicate. Schiavi is particularly known for the very large font project PragmataPro, the monospaced family designed optimized for screen designed to be the ideal font for coding, math and engineering. He studied Graphic Design in 1989 at Istituto d’Arte Paolo Toschi in Parma. After working for three years as graphic designer for the Italian record company Expanded Music, he left to set up his own graphic design studio, FSD (Fabrizio Schiavi Design), in Piacenza. His clients include Ferrari, C.P. Company, Mandarina Duck, Philip Morris, Expanded Music, MTV, Nike, Stone Island, Beretta and many others.