CAO YUXI is a new media artist based in New York, United States.



Cao Yuxi’s innovative approach to creating art and incorporating technology has enabled him to generate and shape numerous design projects including space design, new media art installation and public art. His works have been exhibited and performed in multiple festivals, galleries, museums and public sites across the world, like Mapping Festival Geneva, BAM Festival New York, Atonal Festival Berlin, Mutek Montreal, ADE Festival Amsterdam, ARTECHOUSE New York, Beijing Today Art Museum, MOMA PS1, OCAT ShenZhen, Beijing MinSheng Museum and the Shenzhen City Skyline Buildings Public Lighting show to name a few. Cao has also participated in the visual effect works for the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games.




“Interactive Art, for me, is something that the audience cannot avoid engaging with” - Cao Yuxi



After graduating from the prestigious China Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing and the School of Visual Arts in New York, and having his work exhibited in museums and galleries around the world, Cao makes his art as accessible for his audience as possible, he explains: “(...) I am often using the human silhouette and the viewer’s position in space: it’s the most intuitive interaction possible. No info needed, just go in there, and you’re part of it. No need to instruct the viewers”.




Remapped content into full resolution led panels space.  Whole test made possible by using @touchdesigner , content was created from #glsl shader patch. Music by @hiukonglau . The project is still in progress and not accessible for public for now. 

The first version of <#dimensionaldsampling #多维采样> Part1 at Beijing Asia Digital Art Exhibition back 2019 May and June.

A art series that use trained #AI to paint traditional ink style paintings infinitely. After using #SytleGAN to machine learning over 2000 collective Traditional Eastern Ink painting data, the visual sequence were then transformed into scannable QR pattern with halftone technique. This process created a bot 🤖️ that use #QRcode to paint ink style #Shanshui artwork infinitely.

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