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Jerome Jacques Marie Mage found his way to Los Angeles when he was only 20, making his way from France where he was born, in 2001. It was then that he opened his studio, Mage Design, and began inserting his ethos and ideals surrounding eyewear and the craft into the business through the Jacques Marie Mage brand. He is known for creating a unique space in the eyecraft market, blending the use of function and creativity into all of his product lines.

His aesthetic taste is the reason why we invited him as a guest for our WHO TO FOLLOW feature, where we ask established designers, collectors and creative minds to select three stimulating Instagram accounts of their choice to share with our community.

Here are his suggested profiles.



Amangiri is a resort hotel in the Lake Powell region of the U.S. state of Utah. Part of Aman Resorts, it was designed by Marwan Al-Sayed, Rick Joy, and Wendell Burnett, and opened in 2009. The resort opened in 2009 with 34 suites.[3] It became known for its Instagrammability, and as a favored destination for many celebrities. In 2014, it built 36 private houses, The Mesa at Amangiri, that were sold for between $7.5 million and $15 million.In 2020, it expanded again, adding Camp Sarika, 10 tented pavilions that can accommodate 30 guests. The hotel sits on a 600-acre (240 ha) parcel of land,[9] which was acquired via a land swap with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management that had to be approved by the U.S. Congress. The hotel was designed by Marwan Al-Sayed, Rick Joy, and Wendell Burnett. It has a minimalist aesthetic, making heavy use of large concrete slabs. Each room has an open view to the surrounding desert landscape.[10][11] A sandstone rock escarpment protrudes into the main swimming pool.The main dining room can accommodate 79 guests and serves Native American–inspired cuisine.There is also a 25,000-square-foot (2,300 m2) spa.

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Edoardo Tresoldi plays with the transparency of the wire mesh and with industrial materials to transcend the space-time dimension and narrate a dialogue between Art and the World, a visual synthesis that reveals itself in the dissolving of physical limits. The fusion of classical and modernist languages ​​generates a third, markedly contemporary one. Born in 1987, he grew up in Milan where, at the age of 9, he began experimenting with different artistic techniques and languages ​​under the guidance of the painter Mario Straforini. In 2009 he moved to Rome and began working in various fields. Cinema, music, scenography and sculpture provide him with a heterogeneous vision of the arts and become a platform for experimentation. Since 2013 he has carried out interventions in public space, focusing his research on the genius loci and the study of landscape elements. His works have been placed in public spaces, archaeological contexts, contemporary art festivals, music festivals and group exhibitions. In 2016 he carried out, in collaboration with MIBACT, the restoration of the early Christian Basilica of Santa Maria di Siponto (FG), a unique convergence between contemporary art and archeology. In 2017 he was included by "Forbes" among the 30 most influential artists under 30 in Europe. In 2018 he participated in the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California, where he created “Etherea”, a temporary monumental installation.





Morentz (est. 2006) has been built on love for twentieth century design. They are both a gallery and craft workshop in one. Everything under one roof and are housed in a characteristic 1930s shoe factory that spans 23.500m2 in total. There's a restoration and upholstery workshop, a photography studio, warehouse and showroom. No object leaves the company before it is completely checked both technically and art historically. Morentz strength lies in a combination of knowledge and intuition, the head and the heart. This is how they operate through every layer of the company. Morentz curate their collection based on intuition, which are backed up by art historical and technical research. They restore the pieces based on feeling for aesthetics, with understanding of the technicalities and material of the piece. Over the past years, this combination has led to Morentz being one of the largest design specialists in Europe. At their warehouse, it is a constant coming and going of pieces from all over the world. The most important thing is that they truly care about design as much as their clients do.

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